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Primovis gives you an integrated process from insights and trends to strategy over product development and manufacturing. For an optimal outcome, the full menu of service options can be adapted to your specific needs. We are also cooperating with competitive manufacturing, research and regulatory as well with marketing partners. On our processes we use agile methodologies.



Insights and Analysis

The fundament of all our activities is to set the goal and the direction to it. It starts with asking the right questions: What are the trends? Where to play? How to win?

We work in an open and collaborative way on strategic direction and alignment, market entry strategy, growth platform, and innovation pipelines. As we have our finger on the pulse of market trends, consumer behaviour and science in healthcare, we act as your sparring partner to translate your ideas into reality.

This element can also be achieved by simply doing an innovation workshop, in which we can identify your next product idea, playing with powerful storytelling, applying different technologies, and science-backed ingredients.


Design and Creation

Driven by the set direction, we create product concepts with our formulation expertise. The regulatory clearance is an integral part of the product design. As soon as the product formula is approved, we have the capability to create prototypes as well to establish the product dossier.

To assess consumer behaviour and validate product hypotheses, we can strategically introduce developed products into the market through both online and physical retail channels. Alternatively, covert methods can be employed for this purpose as well. Utilizing real data from these initiatives can offer invaluable insights for optimal marketing.


Market Entry and Realization

Depending on your capabilities, you can take advantage of our market entry expertise and of our global manufacturing as well as our vendor management network. Our objective is to provide you with a customized setup, enabling you to optimize your cost structure and derive maximum benefits.


Support and Reanalysis

After product introduction, we ensure the continual maintenance of your product's market leadership through ongoing quality control, regulatory compliance, technical support, and market analysis. By securing early access to cutting-edge technologies, market research insights, and robust R&D assistance, you can stay ahead of the competition and retain a prominent position in the market.

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